Building Solutions to Enhance Care Delivery

Value-based Care

From fee-for-service to value-based care, the healthcare sector has witnessed a sea change over the last decade. Healthcare practices of all sizes are channeling their energy into offering an extraordinary patient experience. Whether you want to empower your physicians with mobile solutions to check their patients’ health on-the-go or need an enterprise-wide system to track the movement of physical assets in your facility or equip the patients with an intuitive wearable device to regularly store their vitals; we can help!

In the healthcare ecosystem today, technology plays a highly critical role and can prove instrumental in changing the overall patient outcome. Enabling patients to access their health information through portals and mobile apps has become the norm now, however, healthcare practices need to ensure that all the systems are integrated so that there’s a two-way flow of communication. Unless physicians and patients are constantly in sync, there’s a probability that one might miss a vital piece of information.

Our healthcare solutions team works with your organization to understand your needs and enables you to offer the best. Unless you’re sure about our value proposition, we would not move forward and work towards understanding your challenges.

Patient Engagement

Everything in healthcare boils down to patient engagement and satisfaction. If you can’t provide the right care, you risk the likelihood of disgruntled patients, a rise in readmissions as well as non-compliance with federal policies.

For patients these days, care delivery begins the moment they walk inside the premises and should continue post their discharge. In such a situation, every experience counts, from the complexities of filling the intake form to the ease of post-discharge care instructions.

Our Clients

What we can develop

  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Mobile Health Apps
  • Telemedicine Technology Solutions
  • Legacy Support & Legacy Modernization
  • Big Data and Sharepoint based BI Solutions
  • Medical Billing Systems

Helping build the future

  • Mobile health - Seamlessly integrate a mobile health app to your EMR/PHI
  • Disparate systems - Connect everything together
  • Telemedicine - See your patients from anywhere
  • System extentions - From legacy to web and/or mobile

KMG Advantage

  • Optimum onsite presence for domain expertise
  • Fixed price projects limiting exposure
  • Extended technical team at short notice
  • Movement towards cutting-edge technology
  • Fast resolution of pending wish lists