With the advent of new technologies, companies are migrating or modernizing their legacy systems into Web 2.0 technologies – combining the security powerhouse capabilities of legacy systems to state-of-the-art presentation and robust modern platforms. The legacy experts at KMG have turned-around the business of many organizations.


Support & Maintenance, Migration, Web Enabling & Integration, Modernization & Interfaces, Business Rules Reverse Engineering. Enhancements & Upgrades


  • Complete spectrum of legacy expertise

  • Cross platform integrations

  • Strong domain knowledge

  • Best ROI


Backed by cross-functional teams of over 300 developers, we have the largest pool of resources working on legacy technologies (IBM i, COBOL, RPG) among the companies of our size. KMG has the full spectrum of legacy technology expertise that includes and is not limited to COBOL and ILE-COBOL, RPG II, III, IV, Free Form RPG, ILE-RPG, Control Language, AS/SET, SYNON, DB2.

Our Clients

Case Study

Patient Management System-Legacy Modernization


Legacy System Data Conversion and Migration